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[QUESTION] Is the Bratocaster for sale?
[ANSWER] Not at this time.

[QUESTION] What type of finish on the Bratocaster?
[ANSWER] It is finished with Nitro Cellulose Lacquer and hand polished.

[QUESTION] What type of pickups are used for the Bratocaster?
[ANSWER] It currently equipped with a Peavey Bridge Humbucker and Kent Armstrong neck/middle pickups, but we’re are in the progress of setting up our own pickup manufacturing area and hope to soon have it loaded with Suldanna pickups.

[QUESTION] What future guitars are planned?
[ANSWER] We are currently starting a few Maple/Maple necks and some Maple/Rosewood necks.  These we will install on Alder bodies with Curly/Birdseye Maple tops.

[QUESTION] What type of wood is being used on the Flukenbocker?
[ANSWER] The current bass is being made out of Black Walnut and Elm wood accent strips, and that Elm is hard stuff to cut... The next bass will be made of Black Walnut with Cherry accent strips and is ready to be laminated.


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